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WELCOME to Telugu Sahitya Samiti

“Telugu Sahitya Samiti” (TSS) has been operating in Mumbai for about five decades since its formal registration as a ‘Trust’ and as a ‘Society’ (in 1975).

Over time, TSS has become a culture-nucleus for the elite of the Telugu community in and beyond the metropolis of Mumbai. TSS  promotes a rich variety of cultural, social and philanthropic activities in addition to printing a literary magazine -"Telusa".
We derive pride that our 500+ membership, spanning from generation to generation, with over 97% being ‘Life Members’ or ‘Donor Members’ indicating their deep commitment. The member-profile spans a wide spectrum of professionals including scientists, corporate executives, artists and musicians, entrepreneurs,
businessmen and others.

A distinguished ‘Board of Trustees’ and an energetic ‘Managing Committee’, ensure vibrancy and growth of Telugu Sahitya Samiti.

The SAMITI is poised to further innovate it's activities and focus. TSS attracts wide attention of Telugu population even from far and wide. TSS calendar of events attract interest and credibility from sponsors and advertisers.
All contributions to Telugu Sahitya Samiti are eligible for tax exemptions under Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act. 

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Events & Promotions

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Through these pages, we plan to provide an exhaustive quantity of information / resources for for telugu speaking people in Mumbai, including language learning, professional advice via audio visuals etc.

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The vibrancy of our association can be felt through the events organised by us. Members can also share pictures and videos through these pages. You can also look-our for our upcoming events here